Icefjord Midnight Marathon

01 June 2024

Race Information

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Here you will find all the important practical information about the race, such as rules and regulations, training, timing, race day support, clothing, weather and more. If you don’t find the answer you’re seeking, feel free to contact us with your question.

Topics are arranged in alphabetical order.


Packing for north of the Arctic Circle is all about layers. Even though it is summer, it will not be "warm" by most people's definitions. In general, it is a good idea to have a base layer that will warm up your body (merino wool, for example), as well as a wind-protective outer layer. Furthermore, running gloves can be helpful. The weather can change rapidly, so having extra layers is a good idea. That way, you can adapt to warmer or cooler conditions. 

We only recommend trail running shoes for this course. The rocks can be slippery, the ground may be wet and/or muddy. Keep in mind though, that little over half of the course is run on tarmac, so your trail shoe should allow for some flexibility.


Though the race is in May/June, be prepared for unexpected changes in weather. 

Cut-off Times

The Marathon starts at 21:00 in the evening and the Half Marathon starts 22:30

The race officially ends at 4:00.
This means that marathon runners have a cut-off time of 7 hours, while half-marathon runners have a cut-off time of 5 1/2  hours. All runners with a net finishing time slower than these cut-offs will receive a FNT (Finished No Time) on the result list.

After 4:00, we will drive around and collect any runners still on the route. Any marathon runners that have not begun their second loop within 4 hours will be held back at the start/finish area (the half-way point). 


The Icefjord Midnight Marathon features two distances:

Full marathon - 42.195km/26.2mi

Half marathon - 21.1km/13.1mi

Distance Change

It is possible to change the distance you want to run. All you need to do is contact us with your request. The sooner the better.

If you want to change your distance while on tour, contact a race official before or after the race briefing. You must bring your original race number!

Change of distance is NOT PERMITTED on Race Day.


Full marathon runners must be at least 18 years old on race day.

Half marathon runners must be at least 16 years old.

Future Race Dates

The next Icefjord Midnight Marathon will take place on 01 June 2024.

In 2025 race night will start 31 May

Goodie Bag

International runners will receive their goodie bags at the airport in Copenhagen before departing for Kangerlussuaq. The goodie bag will contain your start/bib number, timing chip, official race T-shirt, foldable reusable cup, information on the race route, and schedule for your trip. 

Local runners can collect their bags at Hotel Hvide Falk before or after the Race Briefing.
Or on race night 01 June from 17:00 in the reception at Hotel Hvide Falk

Medical Team

On race day, a team of English-speaking Danish doctors, assisted by a local medical team, will provide medical assistance to runners in need. The medical team reserves the right to remove any runner who is deemed unable to complete the race. Please note that all decisions made by the medical team or race officials are final.

Doctors and race officials will be positioned along, and move in and out of, the route, but will not be able to monitor all parts at all times. We kindly ask all runners to look out for each other and report to race officials, water stations or doctors if you see a fellow runner in need of help.

If you take daily medicine prescribed by your physician or need any other medication, please inform the race doctors in advance by writing to


During the race briefing and race day, a variety of exclusive Icefjord Midnight Marathon merchandise can be purchased. 

Additional information regarding the selection of available merchandise will be available soon. 

Personal Belongings

It is possible to deposit bags with personal items for use after the race. Luggage can be stored in the start/finish area near Hotel Hvide Falk. Please mark your bag clearly with your name and bib number. 

Although the luggage area is manned, depositing personal belongings in the area is entirely each runner’s responsibility and the Icefjord Midnight Marathon organizers are not responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings.  

Prizes and Awards

All finishers receive a medal.
A small, symbolic prize is given to the winners of both distances for men and women. Please note that there is no prize money.

Race Briefing

Race officials will provide all participants with a race briefing on the evening before the race, which will cover everything from a preliminary weather forecast to a brief presentation of the important route notes.

Race officials and medical staff will be present to answer any questions you may have. Official Icefjord Midnight Marathon merchandise will also be available for purchase.

Race Officials Disclaimer

English-speaking race officials from Albatros Adventure Marathons™ are in charge of the event. The race officials reserve the right to change the course and other aspects of the race without advance notice.

Please note that all decisions made by the race officials and/or medical team are final.

By signing up for this event you agree to the Terms & Conditions of Albatros Adventure Marathons™.


In order to register for the race, you MUST enter with one of the following options. These options vary depending on your place of residency (Greenland resident or non-Greenland resident).

Additional information is available below, or here.

International Participants

For international participants, race entry is only possible in conjunction with a multi-day tour package. The packages include all the ingredients for a fantastic getaway: accommodation, social events, sightseeing, and select meals and transportation per the itinerary. Packages also generally include ample amounts of free time, during which you can choose to join organized excursions or explore the region at your own pace. 

In the Icefjord Midnight Marathon, savor the unique exhilaration of running under a sunlit night sky. You'll get a taste of Greenlandic culture, enjoy untouched nature areas, and maybe even spot a few whales playing hide and seek among the icebergs - all while tackling a tough trail marathon! 

Residents of Greenland

Participants who meet the necessary Greenlandic residency requirements are eligible for local entry, which includes only the race. 

Please note: If you are looking to enjoy an extended holiday in Ilulissat and reside elsewhere in Greenland, it is certainly possible to join the standard international 5-day or 6-day package. 

As proof of eligbility, residents and citizens of Greenland must present a current, valid residency permit and/or employer certificate. Upon receiving your entry, we will contact you to request copies of your official, government-issued documentation.

Please contact us for details.

Registration Deadlines

Registration for the Icefjord Midnight Marathon 2024 will close Sunday 28 April 2024. 


Please note that this race has a limited capacity, so first come first serve. 

Route Map & Elevation Profile

For information on the marathon and half-marathon routes, start and finish line, drink stations and other course-related information, see Route & Elevation.


Rules & Regulations

Change of Distance: If you decide to change distance during the race, the race result will read FNT (finished no time). All runners who change distances before race day will be registered accordingly and receive an official time.

Top Finishers: The top three male and female finishers of all distances are the first three to physically cross the finish line regardless of their net time.

Gear: Nordic walking and trekking poles are not allowed.

Start / Bib Numbers

You will receive your start/bib number in the race goodie bag.

All runners will receive one bib number that must be worn during the race. It must be attached to the front of your body and readable - both for safety and for photography purposes! The bib numbers are color-coded according to the distance you are running: 

- Full marathon bibs - green
- Half-marathon - red

Time Taking & Results

Timing is done with an AMB Chip. The chip will be in the goodie bag that runners receive. The chip must be attached around the ankle with a velcro strap or in the shoe lace. The chip must be handed back to the staff at the finish line.

Live results will be available from the Results page.


As we are significantly above the Arctic Circle, participants should prepare for the day to be chilly, with an average temperature between 0 and 7°C (32 - 45°F). Weather conditions above the Arctic Circle can change rapidly, and runners should be prepared for unexpected changes in weather. 

Ilulissat averages about 7 days of rain in June, so there is a small chance that the race will see some rain. That said, June is known as a dry month in Greenland. Snow can be expected on the route.