Icefjord Midnight Marathon

03 June 2023

Package Add-ons

Whether it's culture or nature you're seeking, Greenland has the answer. Explore all that the country has to offer - from a cultural kaffemik to thrilling glacier visits.

The Icefjord Midnight Marathon is more than just a marathon - it's a journey through Greenland! Greenland offers an unbelievable number of attractions. Among others, you can take a kayak through the Icefjord, go on an 'air safari', or add an extension to camp on the ice cap itself! 



Running Copenhagen

23 May, 25 May  |  1 day, 1 day  |  40 EUR
Put on your running shoes and experience the charm of Copenhagen with a local guide who will show you the city and its many sights. There is no better way to see Copenhagen than by joining a run!

Kaffemik & Sled Dogs

28 May  |  1 day  |  40 EUR
Experience one of Greenland’s most beloved traditions by taking part in a traditional Kaffemik hosted by an Ilulissat local. Then, wander down to observe the sled dogs and meet their mushers.

Hike & Sail to Oqaatsut Settlement

29 May, 30 May  |  1 day, 1 day  |  310 EUR
Formerly known as the trading post Rodebay, Oqaatsut is a charming village just a short boat ride north of Ilulissat. Sail up to see the town and hear about the local history.

Eqi Glacier Express

29 May  |  1 day  |  310 EUR
Eqi Glacier is 5-kilometers wide and a magnificent sight to behold. Known as the "calving glacier," we are almost certain to witness pieces of ice breaking off.

Kayak among Icebergs

26 May, 27 May, 28 May, 29 May, 30 May  |  1 day, 1 day, 1 day, 1 day, 1 day  |  165 EUR
If human-powered adventure is something you enjoy, take a kayak out to get an up close and personal look at the icy giants in the Ilulissat Icefjord.



Ice Camp

24-26 May  |  3 days  |  560 EUR
Legendary explorers have crossed the Greenland Ice Sheet, and you can follow in their footsteps. Spending a night in a tent and taking a hike across the vast ice is the perfect top-off to your Greenlandic adventure.