Icefjord Midnight Marathon

7 June 2020

Oqaatsut Settlement Visit

Formerly known as the trading post Rodebay, Oqaatsut is a charming village just a short boat ride north of Ilulissat. Sail up to see the town, kayak around, and hear about the local history.
8 Jun | 7 hours | 375 EUR

Twenty kilometers north of Ilulissat lies Oqaatsut. With less than 50 residents, Oqaatsut offers an ideal opportunity to experience authentic village culture and to learn the extraordinary history of this isolated gem. Formerly known as Rodebay (‘red bay’), it used to be a prime trading post for Dutch whalers in the 18th century. Whale hunting is rare now, but the fishing culture is alive and thriving. On this excursion, you can taste the local cuisine, learn about the Inuit culture, and kayak between icebergs. 

We begin the day by getting outfitted in our kayak gear before we get picked up by boat. The boat ride to the settlement offers magnificent views of icebergs and the stunning coastline. Upon arrival, we will cover the basics of kayaking before enjoying two hours of exploring blue icebergs and the small caves in the area by kayak. If we are lucky, we might even catch sight of a whale or two. The tour is open to all levels of kayak experience, and our certified kayak guides, modern equipment, and safety protocols make it a safe and comfortable experience. 

Once we finish paddling, we will change back into regular clothes and be treated to a traditional Greenlandic lunch at the restaurant H8. The guide will provide stories about life in Oqaatsut and answer any questions you may have. After lunch, we will take a small walk around the settlement so you can experience how it might be to live in such a small settlement. The history will come alive as you wander among the old, colorful houses and stand on top of the massive rocks that the whales used to be dragged onto. At the end of the day, we will return to Ilulissat by boat. 

About the Tour: 

Duration: 7 hours 


Boat trip to and from Oqaatsut 
- Kayak gear 
- Kayak guide 
- Restaurant lunch