Icefjord Midnight Marathon

03 June 2023

Kaffemik & Sled Dogs

Experience one of Greenland’s most beloved traditions by taking part in a traditional Kaffemik hosted by an Ilulissat local. Then, wander down to observe the sled dogs and meet their mushers.
28 May | 2 hours | 40 EUR

We'll begin our excursion at the home of Thrine, a local musher who will meet us outside next to her dogs. She will tell us about raising the pups, the expeditions she has been on, and mushing itself. We'll also be able to observe the dogs, but please remember that these are working animals and not pets - they are not meant for cuddling. 

After the explanation of the dogs, we'll head into Thrine's house for our kaffemik. The literal translation of ‘Kaffemik’ is ‘via coffee,’ and it has been the traditional way to celebrate everything from births to birthdays to first days of school – in other words, a celebration of life. 

For this Kaffemik, Thrine will serve us the traditional coffee, tea, and various homemade cakes. She will explain all about the tradition, including how long it takes to prepare – sometimes, weeks! 

Traditionally, the Kaffemik is an all-day affair at the home of the host. Friends, family, and acquaintances come and go throughout the day, often spending a relatively short time there. For our Kaffemik, we will linger a bit longer and have plenty of time to learn about Greenlandic traditions. This is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of Greenland’s authentic culture and to ask a real local any questions you may have. 

Please note that only 16 people can join in Thrine's house at one time so first come first served! 

About the Tour: 

Duration: 2 hours 

Time: 10:00


- Sled dog lecture 
- Kaffemik in local home (incl. tea, coffee, and cakes)